Mlk Jr

Mlk Jr

Mr. James Callahan

211 Baker Street

Atlanta, Georgia 30306

Dear Mr. Callahan,

I am writing this letter to persuade the leaders of our town to build a monument in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was a remarkable leader of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. He led many rallies and marches to gain equality for African Americans. He not only affected, but also saved the lives of many black from the harsh treatment of whites.

Being the birthplace of this brave man, Atlanta needs this monument to show our appreciation towards him. Through non-violent protests starting the 1950s, Dr. King, along with Rosa Parks, Stokely Carmichael and other activists, sparked the interest for the need of black rights ("American Cultural History"). "American Cultural History." Bus boycotts, sit-ins, and other events became more popular among blacks and some whites, hurting the white businesses tremendously.

More reasons that our town needs a statue of doctor king are that in 1954 he became a pastor in Montgomery Alabama. King was also a member of the executive committee of the national association for the advancement of colored people. In 1955 Dr. King became the leader of a peaceful group, whom held the bus boycott that lasted 382 during this time Martin Luther king spent time in jail, but ended up being his first major success with the Supreme Court declaring that Negros and whites ride the bus as equals.

“In 1957 he was elected president of the southern Christian leadership conference, an organization formed to provide new leadership for civil rights’’ (par. 3 Adams, Russell)

King directed the peaceful march on Washington and wrote multiple books, Dr. King conferred with President John F. Kennedy and companied for President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Some of the awards that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. earned Staring with “five honorary degrees; was named Man of the year by time magazine in 1963;and became not only the symbolic leader of American...

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