Mnc in Banglades

Mnc in Banglades

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Multinational Corporation (MNC) or transnational corporation (TNC) is a corporation or enterprise that manages production or delivers services in more than one country. The first modern MNC is generally thought to be the Dutch East India Company, established in 1602. Very large multinationals have budgets that exceed some national GDPs. Multinational corporations can have a powerful influence in local economies as well as the world economy. Multinational corporations play an important role in international relations and globalization. In addition to efforts by multinational corporations to affect governments, there is much government action intended to affect corporate behavior. The threat of nationalization (forcing a company to sell its local assets to the government or to other local nationals) or changes in local business laws and regulations can limit a multinational's power. At present in Bangladesh many multinational corporations are operating their businesses. Among those some are banking and financing, some are manufacturing and rests are consulting and others. These corporations are public limited, where host country’s share are pre-defined. These companies are operating their business either distribution or setting plant. The possible basic information about these corporations is demonstrated in this paper.


01. | Name of the Company | British American Tobacco |
02. | Head Quarter of the Company | London, England, UK |
03. | Name of the Home Country | United Kingdom and USA |
04. | Nature of the Business | Tobacco |
05. | Major Products of the Company | Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike, Pall Mall, Vogue, Benson & Hedges, Winfield, John Player, State Express 555, KOOL, Viceroy Gold leaf RothmansPeter Stuyvesant, |
06. | Number of Operating Country | 44 countries. |
07. | Contribution to the GDP of Host Country | Not available |
08. | Company’s Web Address...

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