Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant in Fote

Mobile Construction Waste Crushing Plant in Fote

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Mobile construction waste is building construction units or individuals of all types of buildings, structures and other construction, laying or removal of muck generated in the repair process, spoil material, discarded material, mud and other waste. Most of the construction waste is untreated, and the construction units will ship to the suburbs or rural areas, these waste is stored in the open air or landfill, consuming large amounts of land acquisition fees, garbage removal fees and these building funds. At the Fote time, spilling and dust problem in the removal and transportation process will cause serious environmental pollution.

With the development of urbanization, the city reconstruction is going on. There are a lot of construction waste piled at the Fote time. It not only occupies land resource, but also brings pollution for environment. However, construction waste is not just the waste, but an effective and recycling resource if used properly. The recycled construction waste can be used as coarse or fine aggregate, which is the substitution for natural aggregate for making concrete, road base material and bricks, and so on. In this process, the choose of crushing equipment plays a critical role.

The mobile crushing combination of station equipment is based on the main flow of sand and gravel processing, reasonably designed to achieve a variety of crushing, screening equipment, the integration of portfolio, through the vehicle system or track drive system to achieve the overall mobile operations, the flexibility of Select the construction site, the materials in a timely manner, greatly reducing the transport of the material processing costs, improve production efficiency. From the customer situation, the combination of mobile crushing plant more in line with customer wishes, Fote Heavy Industry Science & Technology research and development of dozens of mobile crushing station in the combination model, can best meet the needs of different clients....

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