Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

IT & MIS Fundamentals

Table of Contents

What is Mobile Security and Why Worry About It?
Security Threats for Mobile Devices.
IT Concerns with Mobile Security Threats.
Three Mobile Security Threats.
– Mobile Malware
– Data Leakage
– Device Loss

• Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platform solutions.
• Three Mobile Security Solutions and Associated Benefits.
– Mobile Malware - McAfee
– Data Leakage - Symantec
– Device Loss – Kaspersky Labs

• Best Practices: Avoid Mobile Security Threats.
• Summary
• Bibliography

Why Worry About
Mobile Security?
• We want to keep our mobile devices healthy and free
from infection while continuing to use the
applications that make those devices so useful.
• We want to preserve personal privacy and corporate
• We want to be able to find our devices if lost or
stolen and we want to protect the data that may
reside on a lost or stolen device.
• We want to avoid dangerous websites and links
when we surf and shop online.

Security Threats
for Mobile Devices
• Devices become infected by malware, botnets, trojan horses or
viruses, normally acquired via downloaded applications, that steal
information or enable remote control of a device.
• Corporate data leakage as a result of device infection.
• Device being physically lost or stolen.
• ID theft – if a criminal steals your device and logs into your online
personal or business accounts.
• Leakage of corporate data , via bogus or unsecured Wi-Fi
• Utilization of a work device (not BYOD) for personal use.

Threat Number One


Major Mobile Malware
• Adware programs
– Adware is considered the most common app-based
mobile threat.
– Adware programs are defined by advertisements shown,
which may sound harmless, but they don’t just display
– Some advertisements contain adware that capture
personal information without...

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