Mobiles in developing countries

Mobiles in developing countries

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ASSIGNMENT 7 Mobiles in developing countries

I choose “Mobiles in developing countries” to my topic because this subject is totally unfamiliar to me but it seemed interesting. Nowadays almost everyone has mobiles and the rest of the people will probably have soon, too. (Rusila 5/2013) The users and their need for mobiles are different than in other countries and I am interest to find out the potential mobile technology of developing countries. This marketplace would increase and get more and more attractive worldwide. (Rusila 5/2013)

Mobile manufacturing

Cell phone is people first and usually the only technology equipment in developing countries. There is a huge market place for specialized phones, which are needed in developing countries because these phones cannot be smartphones. An ideal mobile to these countries would be cheap, simple, rugged and it could be use without loading even a week. (Rusila 5/2013) Also the development in mobile technology has been so rapid that it needs to be updated continually. (Brazier 3/2013) For example Nokia has designed “105” model which battery would last even 35 days. (AlmaMedia 2/2013)


There are people who will never see doctors and nurses in developing countries because there are too few professionals and volunteers in there. That is the reason why there are new different ways to deliver healthcare with mobiles to these countries. One good example is Medic Mobile, which mission is to deliver different kinds of toolkits to challenging conditions and to rural areas. Medic Mobile has influenced positively to health of thousands by communicating with people in health issues and by giving them quick help. (Antoniades 7/2013)

Mobile technology can be a huge benefit in many different kinds of health issues for example services to rapid treatment, diagnosis of malaria and reminder alerts to doctors appointments so that doctors could use their time as effective as possible. With mobiles it is...

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