Moble Mri Unit for Hhs/205

Moble Mri Unit for Hhs/205

Mobile MRI Unit

Jennifer Garcia

Axia College

We are proud to announce a new state of the art mobile MRI unit. We are now able to bring the MRI's to the patients, that can’t make it to bigger cities to get their MRI’s done. With our community growing, we seen a demand for an increased health service, and the MRI just happened to be one of them.
With new technologies coming out I believe that this challenge of putting them to use will be great for the community by offering this mobile MRI unit. The importance of our mobile MRI unit will be that patients will be able to stay in the community and not have to worry about traveling out side of the community. We are going to own this unit, thus employing its driver, will be able to get it to its next location in a timely manner. Since this is a mobile based unit it will be able to be opened until the last patient of the day is seen. This system will work for those who can’t afford to travel to big cities to get a more expensive MRI done, they will be seen by a team of radiologist who will take care of them as if there were going to an MRI in a bigger city. We are excited about this addition to our hospital, it’s been a long time coming, but with the team we’ve put together I believe that we can get this program off the ground and running in no time flat. Everything that will be in the unit will be high tech, up to date equipment that will give us the best images that one could ask for, but at the fraction of the price for our patients.
Our vision with this new mobile unit will be to provide quality service to the members of the community. The structure for this will be to make it easier for the patients to get their MRI’s done, and not have to worry about traveling out side of their own community. Not only will it be easier for our patients, it will let them know we are trying to make a difference in health care today, by offering this mobile unit to them. Since our mobile unit is going to...

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