Moblie Ph

Moblie Ph

Mobile Phones: A Blessing or a Curse

Rome is not built in one day; but mobile phones seem to have crept into our life overnight--- we just wake up to find a world so much different: yesterday, mobile phones are still privilege of the show-offs; today they are buzzing in everyone’s pocket, on everyone’s hand, at everyone’s ear. While enjoying the benefits brought about by them, we should ask ourselves this question: are mobile phones a blessing or a curse?

Myself a constant user, I hold quite a negative view to mobile phones. In my eyes, mobile phones are more a curse than a blessing. With mobile phones, our life decreases, rather than increases, in both sense and sensibility.

By sense, I mean the efficiency of work. The mobile phones nowadays are so powerful in function that they are much more than the name suggests: PHONE. Rather, they are a multimedia centre in pocket. Instant messages, music boxes, interactive games, digital cameras, all these are encompassed in to such a little gadget that can barely cover your hand. Indeed, it has brought great convenience to us, but convenience of both work and pleasure.

Surely, it is beyond criticism if such a convenience is well-balanced. But the truth tells a different story; more often than not, such a balance leans to pleasure drastically. The small size of the mobile phones provides a perfect cover to those who want to play games on phones or to chat with others via instant messages. A thumb and a mobile phone can be a super-killer of time. Another saddening fact is that we are often interrupted by the buzzing when absolute silence is required, with someone in embarrassment fumbling in his/her pockets for the naughty thing!

By sensibility, I mean the relationships in life. While mobile phones claim to shorten the distance between people, we find the distance in heart lengthened; while mobile phone claims to connect us to everybody, we sense the connection vulnerable and easy to break; while mobile...

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