Mocking Test

Mocking Test

Question 1 Networking (26 marks) 

1. Explain the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web.

• 1.2    A user types the request “” into a web browser, and the web server returns the default page. Assume the web server is on the same ethernet network as the user’s web client. 

(a) Describe what happens on the web client machine for this request to be sent to the web server. You must explain all the steps as the request goes through the layers of the TCP/IP protocol suite. 

(b) For each of the application, transport and network layers of TCP/IP, describe how the logical connection between the web client and the web server is used. 

1. 1.3 Two computers, a web client and a web server, are connected to the Internet. Using the CIDR notation, the IP address of the web client is The IP address of the web server is Are the two computers on the same network? Show your complete working. 
Question 2 HTTP and Apache (17 marks) 

2.1 Fundamentally, a HTTP conversation (or transaction) is made up of two phases - a request and a response phase. 

   (a) What is meant by “HTTP is a stateless protocol”? 

(b) What are the advantages of HTTP being stateless? 

c) Describe the advantages of the process-driven architecture.

Question 3:  Web Security (19 marks) 

3.1 Our web site,, wants to allow users to connect using SSL (encryption). To do this we need to create a signed certificate. 

(a) What is the problem with using a self-signed certificate? 

(b) We decide to buy a certificate from a certifying authority. Describe the steps involved in this process. 

c) Describe the steps the certifying authority needs to do to “sign” the certificate. 
d) What is the purpose of actually creating and using this certificate? 
3.2 A website uses cookies to track information about clients. Explain how cookies are set and...

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