Modern Corn Flour Milling Machine Technology Will Increase Corn Nutrition

Modern Corn Flour Milling Machine Technology Will Increase Corn Nutrition

Our country is food production country in the process of food processing. Basic requirement for CORN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE is to keep the influence of the corn grain such as internal structure is not damaged. Corn is not only the main food of people, but also is the important industrial raw material. With the high-speed development of corn flour milling machine, more and more kinds of corn product appear. Does corn flour milling machine spoil the corn taste in the current rapid development?

With the improvement of people's living quality, whole grains become the nutritional new food to eat, corn flour milling machine adopts micro molecular peeling crushing technology, according to the feature of the corn uses deep processing method, which effectively improves the corn rough texture, increases the edible.

Traditional grits processing technology break the whole grain of corn to grind into grits. In the process of corn grits making, the deep color of skin, bran, germ would inevitably be ground into grits in the finished product, this will affect the grits quality. Repeatedly grinding process must be taken to improve the quality of corn grit, however, this will lead to low yield. Even corn after cleaning, there will still remain on the seed coat part of microbial bacteria, mold and other contaminants, and part of the seed coat mix in grits, which still can endanger human body health.

Corn flour milling machine combines the peeling system and grits making system together with a power drive, save space, reduce the investment. Put the whole grain of corn into peeling system processing, after cleaning, peeling, degerminating to become around half a grain of corn grit. The quality of large size corn grit mainly controls by peeling precision regulating system. Large size of corn grits goes into grits making system to be grinding and grading. And the size of corn grits depends on gear adjustment, two kinds of different specifications of the grits and a corn flour...

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