Modern Mysteries: Bermuda Triangle

Modern Mysteries: Bermuda Triangle

No doubt you have wondered about the Bermuda Triangle. It is the greatest

modern mystery of our supposedly well understood world: a region of the Atlantic

Ocean between Bermuda, Miami, Florida, and San Juan, Puerto Rico, where

explanation. (Map)
The list of aircraft below represent a wide range of bizarre and mysterious disappearances. Many have vanished within sight of land, while on radar and while just about to touch down at runways. Others have vanished over shallow water. Some have been in radio communication, saying their equipment was acting erratic, or that a “weird object” was harassing them. Sometimes an unusual object was seen in the aftermath of a disappearance. On a few occasions a minor piece of debris was found—in one case, containing an unexplained “magnetic particle.” One thing is the same for them all— they vanished without reason.

The following list is not compiled from “Saturday afternoon mystery magazine” reading or old books. All are based on official documentation, from the NTSB, Coast Guard, Air Force and Navy and many foreign achieves. The evidence, gleaned by Gian J. Quasar over the last 13 years, has led to the first serious book toThis is completely false. Lloyd’s does not insure the smaller stuff, so all yachts go unreported and uncataloged in statistics. Lloyd’s seldom insures the smaller charter and private aircraft, so likewise for them. Lloyd’s is not the ultimate source. It is not a marine investigation bureau. It reports on sailing news relevant to insurance.

US Coast Guard SAR (Search and Rescue) statistics for all districts are published yearly in a thick voluminous report. This details the statistics for calls of assistance, causes of accidents, weather, deaths, conditions, whatever. However, missing vessels are not readily included. In reality, the designation Overdue Vessels are more important. But because it is hard to determine the number of people on board and exactly where the vessel last was,...

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