Modern Sailing

Modern Sailing

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HOW TO SAIL : Expository Essay

Sailing is one of the oldest and most impressive forms of transportation in our history. It has led us to new worlds and foreign continents alike. Sailing has broadened our grasp on this worlds oceans and lands, as well as given us the freedom to explore. However with the more practical invention of planes and use of diesel powered freighters for over-seas voyage, sailing has been pushed to the wayside.

Almost until the first Americas Cup, sailing had been used mostly for exploration and the transportation of goods. Over the past 200 sailing has been given a new lease on life, a recreational one. Millions of people across the globe now take to the wind and seas for some extreme fun and a breathtaking way of life. This is how they do it.

The life of every modern sailor begins at a yacht club. A yacht club is a place to store your boat as well as a meeting place to socialize and plan races and other activities. Once you have joined a yacht club you can go and buy the boat of your dreams, the vessel that will create your greatest memories. Every club is equipt with large and small docks to accommodate any size of boat of yacht. The dock or “slip” you are assigned when you join the yacht club will be the home or parking space of your boat for the remainder of your time at that yacht club. Being a member of a yacht club also means being a member of the global yachting community. Any member of a yacht club can stay for free at another yacht club anywhere in the world while vacationing on their boat.

After becoming a member of a yacht club the nest step to becoming a modern sailor is to get your keel boat licence. A keel boat licence is like a drivers licence only for yachts. The difference between a sailing licence and a driving licence is that there are two kinds of licence for sailing that are almost completely different. A keel boat licence is for large boats with a large lead weight under them called a keel. A keel...

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