Modern Studies

Modern Studies


Attempt these essays, starting with the ones you think look most challenging!

Study Theme 1: Decision Making in Central Government

Describe the part played by MPs in controlling the Prime Minister and the Cabinet.
Describe the function of the Civil Service in the UK system of government.
In what ways has each of the Houses of Parliament been reformed in recent years?
Describe the role of pressure groups in the decision making process.
How influential is the mass media over the actions of the government in the UK?
Discuss the role of Cabinet in the UK political system.
Discuss the part played by the Prime Minister in the UK system of government.
Parliament has no control over the United Kingdom Government. Discuss.

Study Theme 4 The Electoral System, Voting & Political Attitudes

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the First Past The Post electoral system?
Why is there both praise for and criticism of the system used to elect the Scottish Parliament?
With reference to at least two specific Proportional Representation systems, what are the arguments both for and against Proportional Representation?
To what extent do the media influence voting behaviour?
Some factors have more influence than others on voting behaviour. Discuss.
To what extent has social class been replaced by other influences on voting behaviour?

Study Theme 6 Health and Wealth in the UK

What are the arguments for and against the view that the NHS is underfunded?
In what ways does wealth influence health?
Why is there concern over the provision of care for the elderly?
Describe attempts to reduce health inequalities.
In what ways is the private sector involved in the provision of health care?
Describe recent changes to provision of care for the elderly.
What evidence is there that the NHS is no longer free or universal?
What are the main causes of inequalities in health?
What are the main causes of inequalities in wealth?...

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