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My name is Kieran Devine and for this assignment I will be proving that
ethnic minorities face inequality within the USA. To prove this the headings I will be using will be , poverty ,education ,housing and, The reason I chose ethnic minorities facing inequality in the USA is the democracy subject interests me, as it could apply anywhere in the world .


In the House of Representatives there are only 44 African Americans (all Democrats), 25 Hispanics ( all but three are Democrats) , and 7 Asians ( again the majority is democrats) whereas there are 359 whites in the House of Representatives .This shows ethnic inequality in the House of Representatives is still going on due to the low number of minorities in the House of Representatives ,this makes ethnic minorities feel under represented


Ethnic minorities face inequality in education because Blacks and Hispanics have a higher drop out rate than Apis and Whites. This is due many staying in ghettos and if they stay in ghettos they are more likely to be poor and may be involved in crime. They leave school early to get a job and money. Where as whites and Apis are usually better off with less money worries therefore they are pushed by parents and peers to stick in and do well at school.

The ethnic composition of the USA

In the USA according to the 2010 census 36.3% of the USA are of ethnic composition whereas in the House of Representatives there is low representation level .

There are about 314 million people in the United States of America and around 28% of them will face inequality.

Democracy + Education

Since 1788 only five African Americans have been elected to the Senate.
Poverty in the USA causes inequality because people don’t have sufficient income to meet their needs. This is best exemplified by current economic downturns. ( countries have borrowed too much money). Unemployment...