Modle mental health worksheet

Modle mental health worksheet

MHF Module: Investing In Mental Health

Mental Health Worksheet

Part 1

Research mental health in a a country other than the United States.

An example of a mental heath problem is provided below.

According to the World Health Organization (2005) Botswana, Africa, spends only 1% of the country’s health budget on mental health. The country does offer locations in communities for the training of mental health nurses. There are also community care facilities for patients suffering from mental disorders. However; due to a lack of psychiatrists in the country, the mental health trained nurses are responsible for all aspects of mental health services for the population. These nurses are also responsible for training others in mental health. According to the World Health Organization there are only 1.1 psychiatric beds per 10,000 people and only .7 beds in mental hospitals, the rest being in general hospitals. In 2005, there were only .3 psychologists and 3 social workers per 100,000 people, the country did not have any neurologists and doctors had to come from neighboring countries to help with the mental health needs of Botswana.

Select a country and a mental health issues within that contry. Then compose a 150- to 200- word description of the probem ( in the box provided below). Be sure to include an outline of the mental health problems that exist in the country you chose and how mental health is being promoted or how it might be promoted.

According to the World Health Organization (2011) Mexico 0.65% of their health budget on mental health. Primary health doctors have been trained to provide services to their communities only within the last five years. There is a major lack of system for mental health in Mexico, there are no refferal system to help people with mental needs go from a primary health doctors care to a secondary/tertiary or from tertiary/secondary care to primary care (no refereal service...

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