module 4&5

module 4&5

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Study and Seminar Guide
Student COPY
Materials from Modules 1, 2 & 3 will NOT be re-examined on the final exam.
Only Modules 4 and 5 are assessable.

Seminar Questions for Seminars 8-10
Based on
Modules 4 & 5

There is no Employment or Corporations’ Law ILAC as part of the Module 4 & 5 Seminars. Thus these topics will only be examined as multiple choice and short answer questions on the Final Exam.
There is no Employment Law seminar, so focus on the lecture and the readings for the multiple choice and short answer questions (in particular the key areas that we focussed on during lecture). Some short answer practice questions on both Employment and Corporations Law will be reviewed during the final seminar as a quick quiz (and available on the seminar slides).
There is no ILAC as part of this week’s seminars. Employment Law will not be tested on the final exam as an ILAC Question – it will only be tested as short answer and multiple choice questions. Please use any time at the end of this seminar to discuss with your tutor any previous seminar questions that you have covered since the Mid-Semester Exam.

Seminar Questions
Module 4*
*See note above in regard to Employment Law

Anti-Discrimination Law

Seminar 8
Covers: Anti-Discrimination Law

Question 1
a) You have heard that your company could be ‘vicariously liable’ for the wrongful acts of their employees. What does ‘vicarious liability’ mean in this context?
b) In regards to ‘vicarious liability’, which is the relevant section of the Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 (Qld) (hereafter QADA) and what does this section say?
c) In regard to ‘vicarious Liability’, under what circumstances could a company be held not liable for the wrongful acts of an employee?
d) What section of the QADA would be relevant to question 1 (c) above, and what does that section say about an employer’s defence to vicarious liability?

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