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Name: Mohamed Saheed
Eng 101/096
Instructor Den Herder
February 17, 2009
Essay draft #1

Someone who impacted my life

Have you ever believed that you living your life with no worries and everything is going your way, just to find out you were blinded? I was lost in my own little world of fantasy and fun until a certain someone changed my life and showed me a different perspective of life.
For most people their parents have the most impact on their life. Unfortunately for me my parents divorced when I was a baby and I used to live with my relatives. Most of my childhood years I spent lonely. I had no one to really love me, to show me how to do stuff I had no one. I had to learn everything by myself. I stared high school but had no encouragement so I dropped out and had nothing to do with my life. I wanted to become an electrical engineer but had no way of pursuing my career dreams because of the lack of love and encouragement.
Then at the age of eighteen I migrated to the United States Of America and found my soul mate, who have with no doubt changed my life completely. Her name is Remonda, I feel like she is an angle sent just for me. She showed me all the positive things in life and encouraged me to go to college and pursue my career. She always tells me “You are very smart and can be what ever you want to be”. When I’m sad and think I can’t do something, she always shows me a way to get it done. Sometimes she can be bossy but today I see the reason why. She has a very unique way of dealing with different situations. She never panics and she is always calm in advising you.
From being a full time employee and student there was a point in m y life that I became very stressed out. I started drinking and smoking was about to drop out of college again. The situation was getting out of control for me and I felt like I was loosing my mind. She is a girlfriend, best friend and a mother to me.
One night she took me out for dinner. We sat and she spoke...

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