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Minnesota Department of Education Form ED-00110-32E This is the District Revenues and Expenditures Budget for 2008-09. You will need Adobe Reader software to open this file. The software can be downloaded for free from the web site.

Clarification on District Policy Regarding Making Donations

Schools cannot donate public funds to any person or organization. However, a school club or organization could donate to a person or organization if they raised funds specifically for that purpose. Click on the title of this news story to see further explanation of this policy.

Gift Acceptance Form Revised 6/24/08

The Gift Acceptance Form has been revised to indicate that it meets the requirements of IRS Form 1098C. The information that needs to be filled in on the form is still the same as before. To view/print the form click the "Forms" link on the left navigation bar and look for the form titled "Gift Acceptance Form". You can save the Microsoft Word version to your computer so you can fill in the blanks to print out a completed form.Everyone is afraid of something. Some people are scared of heights. Some people hate small spaces. Some people can’t stand snakes. Me? I’m afraid of having my blood drawn. Luckily (or unluckily depending on your perspective), I was able to dodge it for years. But that all changed at my annual physical last January. At the time my only concern was the needle going into my arm but days later when the doctor called with my results, I learned I had a much bigger problem: high cholesterol. Despite...