Molly World 2 Strong

Molly World 2 Strong

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Chapter 5 Consciousness
* Conscious- Thinking, one’s subject experience of the world.
* Altered States of Consciousness- A shift in quality or patter of mental activity ( EX. Going some where and not knowing how you got there)

Extreme States
* Coma- Allows brain to rest
* Persistent Vegetative state- When a coma Lasts more than a month
* Minimally Conscious State- Between vegetative state and full consciousness.
* EX. (Zoned out)
The Split Brain
* Corpus Callosum- The band of nerve cells thar connects the two cerebral hemishspehres.
* Split-Brain Patients – Look Up on PP
* Interpreter Effect- The left hemisphere attempts to construct a world that makes sense using right hemisphere.

Unconsciousness Processing
* Subliminal perception- Processing of info by sensory systems without conscious awareness.
* Freudian Slip- Unconscious thought suddenly is at an inappropriate tie or social context.
***Know the Stages of Sleep***
Circadian Rhythms, Rapid eye movements (REM) sleep, Non-REM (NREWM) sleep.
* Stage 1, 2, 3,
Brain Wave Patterns
* EEG can tell what stage of sleep a person is in.
Sleep Disorders
Insomnia- Most common form of sleep disorders.
Psedoinsomnia- dreaming you are not sleeping.
Sleep Apnea- Stops breathing for up to 1 minute. (Symptoms daytime sleepiness and snoring).
Narcolepsy- Involves sudden REM sleep attacks during the day without snoring.
Sleepwalking (somnambulism)- Occurring during deep sleep, an episode of moving around or walking around in one’s sleep.

Why do we sleep?
-To conserve energy
-To restore the body
-To flush out useless information from the brain.

Dreams and REM Sleep
Know first rem, second rem, third rem and last rem.

Manifest content- The dreams story line (Ex. Someone is chasing you in dream)
Latent content- The symbolic meaning of the dream (Ex/. Running away from something in real life.
Activation-Synthesis Model- theory that dreams are...

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