Mona Vie Info

Mona Vie Info

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(These are saved under “Bookmark”)
sign in under “virual office” tab… don’t have to download the plug-in (I just checked on the virtual office tab and it came up)

Left side of screen:
View my tree----this tells you who is placed under you. We try to build deep. Anyone in
the team can add to this.
Corporate----This is an area to print off info for anyone interested in the bottles of juice
or the Emv (energy drink).
You can go through parts and view but don’t change anything…even if you think its
simple to do. I’ll do it.

You can sign in under “log-in” in top right corner of screen
You can find meetings/seminars under “event calender” near middle/bottom screen
This is where you can look up where your Tuesday meetings are in Texas or wherever you are stationed. These are great if you can ever go and bring someone with you. You/them are free the first time you go but then it is $5 thereafter.
If anyone asks, you are with the Wisconsin group under George Guzzardo.
(He’s big…..he wants to come to our house in December which is an honor). (this is the same as your ID/distributor number)

This is your own website that you can refer others to. Under the “preferred customer” tab on top right side, someone can go in this site, pick and choose whatever product they might want and then they can enter their own credit card info and address. This is a safe site. This way you don’t really have to keep any product on your at any time. We will, however, send you a shoebox size of energy drinks for you to get your buddies to try to get them to buy off line from you. Each can is $3.25 to break somewhat even. We personally use these as an ice breaker in getting people to try them and then we get to talk about the other products with them. We’ll talk to you later about this.

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