Money Can't Buy Happiness, but It Can Help

Money Can't Buy Happiness, but It Can Help

From : Trần Hậu Thông, Nông Minh Thuật, Nguyễn Như Đức, Nguyễn Xuân Hào

To: Mrs Minh

Topic: “Money can’t buy happiness, but it can help”


Money is used to buy things. However,one question that a lot of people has been wondering is whether money can buy every thing or not. After discussion, we all agree that money cannot buy everything, especially happiness.

Happiness is the most desirable objective for everyone in life. There are many ways leading to happiness which can only be built by wise people who know exactly real value of happiness. If someone think that money can bring happiness, they are wrong. Money has never been a right way to reach “happy destination”. It can buy a house but not a home, a person but not his/her love, a frivolous title but not real respect, a smile but not a soul… An unknown artist once said:“There is no way money could replace the happiness that comes from painting a picture for me”. We all share the same idea with him, happiness definitely won’t be bought by that way.

However, we should’t underestimate value of money. Most of us have at least tasted the feeling of happiness thanks to money. We are presented a bouquet on are birthday, and of course we are happy of being cared. The person who gives u the bouquet obviously has to use his (her) money to buy it.We receive gifts from friends and family on our birthday and of course we are happy of being cared. In this particular case, they use their own money to bring us happiness. Yes, it is said “Money will buy everything but real happiness. Money won't buy happiness, but it will go a long way in helping you to get happiness”. Money itself cannot bring joy or happiness, however, in some particular situations, it can do the opposite things... Take a look at several examples : it help people pay off debt, have a more beautiful house, set up a budget… Money helps poor people have family, medicine, especially it creates chance for children...

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