Money:Everything or Nothing
“Money is the standard medium of exchange.” The definition of money in theory endows money with the ability to meet one’s desire, by garnering him whatever he wants. Nevertheless, in practice, it is not applicable to every case. While money talks on some occasions, it is nothing otherwise.

On May 12th 2008, a major earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter Scale jolted Wenchuan County. After 12 seconds, the whole county lied in ruins. Buildings collapsed, the water and power supply were cut off, transportation system was in chaos, and people were trapped under the ruins dying. At this crucial moment, with money, donators across China helped Wenchuan people out by dispatching relief goods immediately. Taken in this sense, money is of vital importance. Without money, even more people might have died from hunger, cold and inadequate sanitation. Money saved their lives.

However, when it comes to the psychological trauma, banknotes cannot help. With an estimated 69136 deaths, hundreds of children became orphans. Before recovering from the hard blow, these kids were sent to live in strange orphanages, waving farewell to paternal care. Again, with money, donators can buy toys for the kids, but unfortunately they simply cannot buy them joy. In this regard, money pales into insignificance.

Money can buy everything on the marketplace, whereas it is still unable to completely satisfy one’s desire, especially the spiritual void. We need money in that it helps us make a living, but bear in mind that money is not the only thing that counts.

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