Monitoring System For A Photovoltaic Installation

Monitoring System For A Photovoltaic Installation

Tunisia Polytechnic School

Engineer Internship Report

Monitoring System For A Photovoltaic
Carried out from the 1st of July to 15th of August 2010

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: Ahmed SAKKA
3rd year engineering student, option: Signal and Systems

Academic year: 2010/2011

I would like first to express my sincere thanks to Mr. Mohamed
Ben Ali KAMOUN for giving me the opportunity to carry out my
engineering internship at CMERP laboratory.
My deepest gratitude goes
to Mr. Meher CHAABEN for his guidance and support during my
internship period.
Special thanks should also go to Mr. Mohsen BEN AMMAR and
Mr. Hassen CHARRADI, two researchers at CMERP for their
immense help and support.

Data acquisition systems (DAS) are extensively used in solar energy installations (SEI). Data
are collected in order to forecast the system behavior for the following days, to evaluate its
future capacity, to manage energy, etc. This work describes the development of a sensor
conditioning electronics for a computer-based data acquisition system in order to control
the SEI and to save its parameters. The proposed system monitors a set of sensors which
measures three parameters: solar irradiation, ambient temperature, photovoltaic cell
temperature. The sensors output signals are conditioned using electronic circuits then
connected to a PC by means of a data acquisition (DAQ) card. As LabVIEW development
environment offers performance and flexibility by its programming language, as well as highlevel functionality and configuration utilities designed specifically for measurement and
automation applications, it is used to design the monitoring interface.
Keywords: Data acquisition system; Solar energy system; Virtual instrument; Sensors;




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