Monster vs Redbull

Monster vs Redbull

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Elizabeth Dobbs
BUS 4133.01
Dr. Rylander
November 9, 2008

Assignment 2- Web Site Comparison

The energy drink business is a multi- billion dollar a year enterprise. Two of the largest competitors are Red Bull and Monster Energy. Both companies are privately owned and operated; Red Bull was launched in Austria in 1987 and Monster in the early 90’s in the United States. Both websites are very easy to fine both with a simple search and with the URL. Red Bull has news headlines on the homepage and it was somewhat difficult to find the actual information page. At the bottom of the headlines page you are directed to select a country and then proceed to a homepage in that language. Monster was a little bit more basic and only offered the site in English.

Red Bull has a target market of teens and early 20 something young adults. They place a great emphasis on extreme sports and active outdoor events. Monster has the same general target market, however they incorporate a somewhat older group with their Monster Java’s in a variety of flavors. Monster also has a greater focus on music and entertainment as opposed to Red Bulls almost complete sport focus.

Communication objectives refer to what a firm seeks to accomplish with its promotional program. Both Red Bull and Monster do a great job of creating awareness for themselves, generating interest, providing in-depth information on products, creating a distinct image and strong brand. Both companies communicate well with their audiences and make sure that visitors to their websites are informed on both products and services they provide.

In my opinion I believe that Red Bull website has the best information available. It is very simple and easy to understand, and gives lots of background information on the company both for here in the United States and abroad. Red Bull also has a ton of information on the athletes they support and events that are being sponsored by them....

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