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Montessori Philosophy Essay

The Horme from 0-3 amd the unconscious WILL

Paragraph 2
Level 1 obedience (duly defined) and how it ties into the horme bring in also level of discipline?

Paragraph 3
The development of the conscious WILL (duly defined) through WORK and Montessori teacher’s role in normalisation through WORK if point on normalisation is raised, pls ensure that it addresses the topic. Focus on how consciousness is critical in development of self control and exercise of the will.

Paragraph 4
Social embryonic stage and why at this stage a child can develop stronger WILL and hence inner DISCIPLINE (duly defines) through FREEDOM within LIMITS yes, this could work if you link the limits (other centredness) to the social embryonic stage. Show clearly how this self control is motivated as child learns to adjust his or her actions to meet expectations of society.

Paragraph 5
Freedom of movement and the development of physical discipline. How the physical environment in a Montessori classroom coupled with ground rules facilitates physical discipline.

Paragraph 6
Freedom of choice and the development of emotional and spiritual discipline. How Montessori methods of lessons allow the natural development of emotional and spiritual discipline. Bring in point on responsibility, consequences of actions.

Paragraph 7
Freedom to execute work and the development of intellectual discipline. How work cycle and control of error facilitates intellectual discipline link also to concentration?

Paragraph 8
Freedom of speech and socialisation and the development of social discipline. How mixed age grouping in a Montessori classroom together with Practical Life area 3 develops social discipline. Respectful behaviour?

Paragraph 9
Why only a child with strong WILL and inner discipline can achieve obedience level 2

Paragraph 10
How trust is developed between teacher and mixed age students in a Montessori classroom. This could...

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