The Men of Montford Point

10 December 2011
* Honor, Courage and Commitment. These are the Core values that we as marines hold dear to our hearts. Now if there ever came a time to hold those values not only for you and the marines around you but for America. Would you have had what it took? The Men of Montford Point did. Their selfless acts help strengthen the Corps and change America in many ways. Today I will discuss three topics that help change the Corps as we know it today: Executive Order 9981, Key Marines of Montford Point and present day recognition of the Valor of those Marines.
First Main Point: Executive Order 9981
What did it cover?
On July 26, 1948 President Truman issued Executive Order 9981 establishing equality of treatment and opportunity in the Armed Forces.
20,000 joined
Marine Corps was last of the Armed Forces to integrate.
Jim Crow
Second Main Point: Key Marines of Montford Point
Fredrick C. Branch- 1st African-American Commissioned Officer.
Gilbert H. “Hashmark” Johnson- Grand Ole Man of Black Marines
Edgar R. Huff- 1st Black Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps

Main Point 3: Recent Recognition for Marines of Montford Point

Awarded the Congressional Gold Medal
23 November 2011
The highest civilian honor
The importance of receiving this medal

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* The men of Montford Point help strengthen the Marine Corps and America in many ways. Now after discussing and talking about the Executive Order 9981, Key Marines of Montford Point and Recent Awards, I am confident that you are educated enough to pass on the knowledge to your Marines. That concludes my period of instruction.