Mood Media - Swot Analysis

Mood Media - Swot Analysis

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Mood Media Corporation – SWOT Analysis

Yorkville University

Table Of Contents

Key Facts5
SWOT analysis6
Size and international presence 6
Versatile product platform7
Royalty free music library7
Integration of subsidiaries 8
Short company history and management8
Conceptualizing for alternative markets 10
Company debt repayment and profitability10
Company direction11

Mood Media Corporation – SWOT Analysis
Since the dawn of the industrial revolution and thereby setting up the urbanization of people, commercialism has become the new way of life for society. Commercialism did in turn, bring about the competition of products. And with this competition, advertising and marketing was born. It was a way to reach the urbanized people to choose their products. Print media and signage were the roots of advertising, then radio, film and closely followed by television with music being incorporated into radio advertising as well as the visual mediums. Part of the ever growing enhancements in marketing and advertising. Rossiter states:
The explanatory potential of imagery is both potent and provocative, especially when one takes into account that the forms of mental impressions include all five senses: hearing, touch, taste, smell and sight. In other words, it is possible for a person to experience a sensory stimulus without the true stimulus ever being present. Since this is true; advertising strategists should be especially interested in the operation and consequences of imagery as a means of influencing consumers. (Rossiter, 1982 as cited by Burns, Biswas, & Babin, 1993, p. 71)
Imagery is undeniably a stellar method for promoting products. But imagery with music integrated into marketing and advertising created even better impressions for stronger outcomes. However, music, as a...

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