Moon Hoax

Moon Hoax

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Steven Amerman
Mr. Nowacki
Astronomy 101

Did We Land on the Moon?

I believe we did land on the moon. In this paper, I will show you my reasons to why I think we landed on the moon. I will also state the conspirator's theories and why they are in fact the way they seem.
Some say NASA was not capable of housing the technology to successfully launch and land a rocket in space because when the lunar landing was tested it was in an unstable condition and not fit to fly. So how could a n astronaut successfully land the lunar. Well once, in a space with an almost zero gravity environment, it is more controlled. The lunar had four jets on it, one on top, two on the sides, and one on the bottom. With the low gravity environment, it made it easier to control and land.
Some conspirators also wondered why there was no dust or debris on the landing gear. You think there would be because on earth when you jump off a sand pit and land in the sand it covers your feet. According to htm, there is no air to keep it suspended. Therefore, when the lunar landed the dust flew away and landed some place else.
Some conspirators have shown very hard evidence that we did not go to the moon. Here is one example and my opinion on it. “The world tuned in to watch what looked like two blurred white ghosts through rocks and dist. Part of the reason for the low quality was that, strangely, NASA provided no direct link up. So networks actually had to film man's greatest achievement from a TV screen in Houston- a deliberate ploy.”
This is stating that the filming was bad purposely so people could not make out whether they were really on the moon or not. It would be hard to see the moon and the showing was from miles away, do they really expect to get a clear picture from the moon. It is hard enough to get a picture just in our world.
According to...

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