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Fall 2008

Instructor: J. Andrew Morris
Office Hours T/TH 8:45-10:10, T 3-5; other times as needed
OFFICE: Sage Hall 2149 Phone: 805-437-2771

Texts: Management – 9th edition by S. Robbins & Mary Coulter; Also Instructor’s Notes, located in your BlackBoard Accounts

Course objectives: The purpose of the course is to enable you to think like a manager and to provide you with an introduction to the field of Management. You will learn about: the environment managers operate within, various management functions, and different tools managers use, along with a lot of vocabulary. By learning about what managers do, you will be better able to function in a management position and to decide whether or not you are interested in a career in Management.

A second and equally important purpose of the class is to draw upon the liberal arts foundation of CSUCI to enhance your critical thinking ability and communication skills. In the finest tradition of the liberal arts, this course is structured in such a way as to encourage/require that you not only learn facts about management (important) but that you also further develop the ability to use & combine these new facts to see an overall “bigger” picture. Moreover, the class is designed to help you also better express your thoughts about the “larger” patterns you now understand. Simply put, rote memorization isn’t the point. Rather the class is about using new information about managers and for-profit organizations to see and understand a more complex and interconnected world.

Learning Objectives: Students who complete this course will be able to:
1. Describe the fundamental role of management within both domestic and global
2. Write analyses and verbally discuss cases related to management principles
3. Understand and develop management policies, plans, and procedures
4. Identify and...