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A look into yourself

Morality differs in every society and it approved habits. People morals and morality have been pondered for hundred’s of years by some of the most enlightened people in the history Buddha, Friedrich Nictzsche, and Mahatma Gandhi. Are some of the most enlightened people in human history?

When you are looking at morals. You see their way of life, their custom. You see that it differs greatly across the earth. People’s morals are different in every society because society and morals are all something that are all was evolving and change over time. With each generation within our society. As human’s we strive for perfection for something better then what we have already. I think it funny how people are also trying for something non-existent, unknown, and foreign to us. I don’t understand why people are always searching for that their morals and turn to somebody else. However, all they have to do is look inside to them and they will find what they are looking for. I never try to give into what somebody or something is saying that this is right or wrong.

We as people can distinguish between cruel act and kind act, helpful and hurtful. But we cannot distinguish which action is right or wrong. Their will be people who are always trying to tell us what is right and wrong. I think that we should be on a pivot. We should be always being willing to do the right thing but that what people say are the right things. But what we think is right that way “ right turns into wrong and wrong into right”. If you get this, you are “abandoning all thought of imposing a limit or taking sides”. You should be always trying to grasp the pivot and that way you grasp what the right relationship. And this way you see endless possibilities of what right and wrong.

It is imports to define what is exactly what moral are and which you should base your life off. But because we as people are the source of our morality. And thought looking in our self we find...

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