1984 Book Review

1984 is a novel that was written by British writer George Orwell. This novel was published in 1949 and is one of the most popular novels of all time. The main theme within the novel is lack of privacy and government control within a

nation. Its popularity has to also do with the fact that our society is becoming more and more watched as every day passes. Therefore, this novel is seen as a prediction for what is to come for the world. Since this novel has been pretty

accurate so far, more and more people are starting to pay attention to it out of fear that Orwell's pages will become a reality for all of us. The popularity of this novel has even created the popular expression of "big brother is watching."

This is a reference to the government keeping a watchful eye on us at all times. This popular expression even lead to be the title of a reality TV show, "Big Brother," where the inhabitants of a house are constantly being surveilled by

cameras in every single room.

The book is based on the life of Winston Smith who lives in the nation of Oceania. Everywhere Winston Smith goes, he is being watched. Even in his own home he is being watched by the Party through telescreens. He is a strong

opposer of the Party.The Party is the government and they control everything that happens in Oceania, including its language and history. Newspeak was invented by the Party as a language in order to eliminate all words having to do

with political rebellion so the citizens of Oceania would be less tempted to do so by not even having a terminology to use for their rebellion. They do not tolerate any sort of political rebellion and the citizens of Oceania cannot even have

rebellious thoughts. Any form of individuality is rejected by the Party too. People are not allowed to express their ideas or even have sex. Winston Smith, being the rebel that he is, decides to purchase a diary to keep his thoughts written

down. This act was...