More Bang for Your Bat

More Bang for Your Bat

More Bang For Your Bat

With the cracking of David’s sunflower seeds and Louisville Sluggers, October is every baseball fan’s favorite month. During this dark, cold month, major league baseball’s best teams meet to ultimately win the World Series. As I watch my team, the Dodgers, take on the Phillies, I noticed the incredible amount of offensive work put in. The MLB requires the players use wooden baseball bats, but it doesn’t seem to bother people like Albert Pujols, Andre Ethier, or the whole Phillies line up. When I was younger playing ball, I always used aluminum bats, the favored and legal bat amongst youth players. Hitting the ball with an aluminum bat gives you that extra ping of the bat, but the pros that show you how it’s done with wood bats makes me ask, what’s a better bat?

Youth baseball players all around are using aluminum bats and sure are happy about it. Aluminum is the latest technology for baseball companies like Easton. Its lightweight and strong barrels give players an advantage is hitting the ball. Because of the bat’s components and weight, players can swing harder, resulting in the ball going faster and further. That alone may convince people aluminum is the way to go when it comes to bats. However, these metal sticks are not cheap. With bats costing up to $400.00 or more, it’s difficult for some players to even be able to afford such equipment. But for those with money to spend will tell you it is worth every penny. The simple reason aluminum bats are so costly is their durability. You won’t often find a kid breaking an aluminum bat, but when you do, do not panic. Most baseball companies give warranties with their bats, so if you break it, they will take it back and send you a new bat. Talk about getting what you pay for, here it is. So if aluminum bats have such positive feedback, how does the classic wood match up?

The majors. Everyone dreams of becoming a major league baseball player, playing in the World Series, and hitting...

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