More Freedom for Saudi Arabian Women

More Freedom for Saudi Arabian Women

Today, Saudi Arabian women are living as if they do not exist. They have to cover their body from head to toe, they could not go shopping, and they could not leave their home if not there is a special event. In my opinion, Saudi Arabian women should be allowed more freedom.

First, consider the fact that no women in the world are restricted as they are. Are women in America not allowed to go shopping? Or are they not allowed to reveal their face in public? Lastly, are they not even allowed to go outside? The answer is obviously no. The same applies for most other women in the world, except for those in Saudi Arabia. Thus, they should be allowed more freedom.

Second, think how unproductive it is to have half the population stuck in their home doing nothing. Which corporation would logically make more profit, the one that only half of the employees work, or the other one that all the employees work? Of course it is the latter that would make more money. Thus, Saudi women should be given more rights, for they are capable of making contributions.

Third, why do not Saudi men just kill all Saudi women if they are of no use? The reason is because they need to produce children to continue on the generation. What this means is that Saudi women are seen as nothing but a child-bearer. This is a blasphemy against human rights. Thus, they should be given freedom.

At this point, it should be clear why they need to be allowed more independence. Therefore, it is advised for readers to spread the word. After all, ideas take effect when they are widespread.

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