Morgan Toner

Morgan Toner

Morgan Toner

I was born In “The Hotel Du Dieu” at 8:20 in the evening. From then on out I was busier than a one armed paper hanger. I was a very mischievous toddler , I had a weird obsession with rubber boots. I wore my rubber boots every where; bed. outside, bathtub, to bed and every where’s else in my young life.

I have not had very good luck on bones in my life. I have broken many of them including the following; arm, leg ,ribs 3x,and my collar bone.

The first time I broke my arm I was in our front yard hanging upside down on our monkey bars which we had received the following Christmas but that has nothing to do with the story, anyways I was hanging up side down on our monkey bars when I slipped and tried to catch my self and when I did so broke my arm.

The second time I broke my arm when was I in grade 3 I was at the bottom of the twirly slide and I started climbing up it and all of a sudden I received a sudden shove ,It was Paul Shaver he pushed me over the edge of the slide and I fell straight onto my wrist and shattered it.

When I broke my leg I was on my dirt bike down the road at our racetrack we had constructed the following summer. Me and my best friend John-Doug were racing and I was going up to the table top, my chain the seize and snapped causing it to lodge up and there for make the back tire come to a complete stop launching me up the jump without my dirt bike putting me through mid air while in the air I tried to manage to swing my self around to land on my feet but by doing so it made me awkwardly spin and it caused me to land side ways on my leg breaking my femur. That landed me in crutches for about 6 months.

I broke my ribs playing ball hockey with my cousin Justin Brine I was beating him buy a lot so he decided it was in his best interest to start playing dirty. He then started to slash and trip me simultaneously .
I then took a slap shot at his net and missed but as I was releasing my shot he...

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