Motherhood V Fatherhood

Motherhood V Fatherhood

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Marta Kopacz

Motherhood vs. Fatherhood

The First question and, the main riddle is: can we actually separate these two? Can we break down the institution of parenthood in order to qualify their individual elements by their level of importance? Many studies had taken place so far in order to distinguish the very individual roles of both mothers and fathers in childrearing. Everyday life’s a battlefield, floating on the surface of the family’s ocean waters, both force out their hidden abilities to remain on this surface and not to sink, not to drown…

Motherhood is entirely natural and a natural miracle, with all its magical powers, and a magical stick, creating a sense of belonging, a sense of happiness and a sense of stability. The ultimate sacrifice (of bringing up children) is like trying to resist being hit by the waves of reality, where the burdens of parenthood seem like a white water rafting with the constant apprehension of being knocked out of the boat. Shifting the role of a woman in today’s society makes them the captain, the sailor and a deckhand, all on the one boat. So, where is the father figure then?

Without being judgmental, but maybe just a little personal about the issue, I tread lightly on the quicksand of male voices defending the importance of growing their own plants, creating clay replicas of themselves. Living sculptures admired by visitors while on a domestic museum ground… The role here altered throughout the decades. Once a warrior and breadwinner, aiming his bow and arrow at food, evolved into a fighter for his own desired view of family patterns. Primarily, responsibilities and obligations towards descendants drift through sense of protection and love to ultimately reach a shore of respect and fear. This proves my idea of fatherhood not being as natural as motherhood.

The upside-downess of today’s father-mother-child triangle makes women disproportionately manly. The scale is going down with the heaviness of motherhood,...

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