Motivation for B2C

Motivation for B2C

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1. Motivation

Motivation can be portrayed in many ways. Best described as an internal and external aspect that inspires desire in people to be continually interested in and committed to a job, role, or subject, and to apply persistent effort in attaining a goal.

Desire is a major motivator for much of society and desire differentiates from one person to another. When making a decision of losing weight there is an underlying desire that leads into this decision. These can be either a negative as well as a positive.

1.1 Positive motivation

Positive motivation is a response that includes enjoyment and optimism about the tasks, which are involved in. this sort of motivation is based in service and appeal to the subject. Service is recognized by giving to others, Offering reward in material or emotional assets. The outcome is of that encouragement is persistence and desire to achieve more. For example, if a task is met in all stages then reward for completion is to be given.

1.1.1 Positive motivation from similar systems

Online diet and fitness web services understand that in order for the consumer to endure with their system that they provide encouragement for every milestone a user achieves. Systems such as Weightwatchers recognize achievements from users and celebrate their accomplishments to inspire consumers who are in progress and in order to target new audiences.

1.2 Negative motivation

Negative motivation involves undertaking tasks because there will be undesirable outcomes. Negative is based on fear that is manifested by the need to prove something (fear of being inadequate) or by revenge (fear of coping with a loss). For example, if a certain deadline is not met then discipline issues can be involved or inspiration arising from a previous loss.

1.2.1 Negative motivation from similar systems

Online web services are after all e-businesses and have to share market space with similar systems. In order to do that, they must...

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