Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter

Motivation Letter

Re: Thermal Power (Aerospace Propulsion).

Dear Madam/Sir

I am a 4th (senior) year undergraduate, currently pursuing my Bachelor Degree of Aerospace Engineering (Honours) at University Science of Malaysia (USM). I am writing this letter because I would like to apply for a Masters’ programme preferably in MSc of Thermal Power (Aerospace Propulsion) in School of Engineering at Cranfield University after I graduate from USM.

I have taken a course related to propulsion system, namely Aerospace Propulsion System which covers the theory and calculation of performance of aircraft engine during my third year. The syllabus covered was vehemently intriguing to me and hence I would be honoured if I would be given the chance to further my study for MSc in Thermal Power (Aerospace Propulsion) provided by Cranfield University. I strongly believe this MSc degree will provide me a better chance to apply my previous theoretical knowledge into practical work and involve in some research project on the actual propulsion engine.

Notably, I would hope to get involve in some research projects especially in turbine engine system. I have studied the mechanism and calculation on performance engine, but the practical research in turbine engine is my biggest interest so I hope to be given the opportunity to learn a great deal from experts and professionals in the aerospace field.

It might be appropriate to mention that I am a very initiative and active person that is I was involved in many school projects and sport activities. I am a diligent and dedicated person who I will put my best effort in my work. I have a rather good command in English, which I believe will be vital if I have the chance to study in Cranfield University. I can also converse well in my mother tongue, Mandarin and my national language, Malay.

Lastly, I would like to mention about my academic achievement during the last 6 semester. Honestly, my academic achievement was not good in...

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