Motivational Letter

Motivational Letter

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Being a little girl, I can say I had some different concerns than other girls. I remember myself dismantling toy cars and trying to assemble them back together, not always successfully. Later, I was fascinated by watching my father working with anything that meant asse

It was difficult for me to take a prompt decision because of my interests that vary widely. From biology and psychology to art and science, I can say I have always been tempted by all of these fields. Learning in a science class, my interests started to turn around this area. The mathematics and physics skills gained have developed my ability to find solutions to everyday problems with ease. I finally understood that mathematics is present in everything and it works perfectly together with physics. After reading a few books about what engineering is all about, I made up my mind and chose this subject, and now I am a student in the second year.

Following an engineering course at the university, I hope that one day I will be able to create new technologies or to improve the existent ones, and the specific branch that I want to be in, heart and soul, is biomedical engineering. Why is that? Becaarpen my enthusiasm, but also helped me acquire good communication and teamwork experience.

As far as teamwork is concerned, I can say I managed to take as much as possible from my activities. I took part in the organization of the Festivities for our town anniversary in one year, and had an activity “Photo Fun – Just smile” which was a real success. I was also part of the team that organized an event in collaboration with PAEM Alba Iulia and local institutions, a project concerning social problems, and the March of the people with disabilities was another program that I was involved in, helping and photographing it. I helped organizing the Junior Prom in 2010 and took digital memories of it and I was volunteer for 6 years at Asociatia Bulgarasu’ in my hometown, helping whenever I could. For now, I am...

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