Motivational Strategies

Motivational Strategies

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Motivational Strategies


Amy Flores

November 26, 2007


Motivational strategies can be beneficial for both management and employees; a call center environment needs various types of motivational tools to be successful. Motivational tactics can help ease the stress of a fast paced sales environment, in the following various strategies will be reviewed.

Motivational strategies are used by businesses everywhere in hopes of improving their workforce. In order for a company to establish a rapport with their customers it is necessary for the management to properly train and motivate employees to learn how to handle customers requests. A sales environment can often times become hectic for the employees when the company has placed heavy demands on them. A sales call center is a prime example of a repetitive work environment that has many employees competing to meet quotas and endure customer complaints. This type of work environment also sets demands on the management to find a way to keep a positive atmosphere to their employees that work so closely with the customers that have made the revenue for the company. “Motivational strategies such as positive reinforcement, effective discipline and punishment, treating employees fairly, setting goals for employees and a reward system can all be constructive tools to keep employees on target”. (Accel-Team, 2007)
An incentive can attract an employee to steer towards a course of action that may be satisfying for them, some employees are searching for the “ what’s in it for me” reward. As a manager it is important to know what type of incentive works for what type of person they are dealing with, the variety of incentives available will help the employer get to know the employee on a more personal level that will in turn help the company and employees work ethics. There are some employees who crave positive reinforcement; their work performance goes down if no one is noticing how well they...

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