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Adeniyi Haastrup

Why a car is better than a motorcycle over all

Driving a motorcycle is very different from driving a car; your surroundings come into play when riding a motorcycle, while cars aren't affected as much. I have both a motorcycle and a car and the dangers of riding a motorcycle is greater that that of a car. If you get in an accident in a motorcycle it can cause serious injuries, visibility can be a big issue for motorcycles while cars are a lot easier to see. Cars are a lot more comfortable on long drives than a motorcycle. Few motorcycles are comfortable on long rides while most cars are comfortable on long rides.
When I ride my motorcycle, safety is a big concern for me. I have a helmet, padded gloves and a jacket. While in my car all I need is a seatbelt. I have gotten in accidents in both vehicles, so I have an idea of what it feels like. About two years ago, I hit a deer on my motorcycle at night. It all happened so fast. All I remember seeing were both the stars and the concrete floor about four times. When I came to a stop, I saw my motorcycle still sliding with a lot of sparks coming of it and a gas and oil leak. I stayed on the ground just thinking to myself what just happened. I had a road burn wasn’t serious thanks to all my gear but they still took me to the hospital and my friend that was riding with seemed to have fell to the ground because of my oil, although his crash was not as bad as mine. About a year and a half ago I hit a deer with my car at night also and I wasn't hurt, just a bit scared. I had no injuries. The right head light was just completely broken and that was it. My motorcycle was completely damaged, I had no choice but to buy a new one because my insurance said it was totaled and it is not worth fixing it, while in my car I just had to fix the rear light, which did not cost much.
Cars have way more visibility than motorcycles, it’s easier to see a car because of its size and in motorcycles it’s harder to...

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