Mountain to Safety

Mountain to Safety

the tsunami is coming, and all the world leaders are standing in front of a high mountain, deciding whether or not to ascend the mountain and save their lives.

the global warming will no doubt make a negative impact on all our lives. we will suffer, for sure, but that's in years to come. while on the other hand, we have an option to escape this suffering. and that is set off on a journey to cut down on carbon emissions. although this is not going to be easy, but at least it guarantees safety for all. afterall, who said climbing a mountain is easier than waiting to die?

but if we don't ascend that mountain soon enough, all we know for sure is that everyone of us will eventually die. however if we choose to ascend that mountain, we may still save ourselves. we are not yet at the end of the end, there is still time to turn back. but the thing is, heading for the end seems easier than turning back. though the option to take the safe path is rather risky right now, it's still worth a try. and that's where HOPEnhagen comes in. on one side of the tunnel, all you see is pitch black, while on the other side, you see a ray of light coming in. which side do you go towards if you want to get out of that tunnel?

to me the choice is simple. but to the world leaders it is hard because firstly, they are the leaders and are responsible for everyone. they do not dare to make a wrong decision. because afterall, even making the safe decision whereby no one has a guarantee death still has its risks. secondly, they are competitive adults and thus people who are rather selfish. they do not want their own economy to suffer. they do not mind other country's economies from suffering. thus they do not take the initiative. but the exact thing we need right now is an initiative from anywhere to take the first big step.

if one country stands up and says, "i commit my country to cut down carbon emission by 55% by 2020 and i will put 6% of my country's GDP into the Green Fund.", i'm...

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