Movement and Sjill Development

Movement and Sjill Development

Movement and Skill Development:

Outline the role of good body control and awareness:
I believe that good body control and awareness are extremely important in tennis that I would classify them as a necessity if you want to be an elite player. Good body control is essential because you use it to get into good position for the shot and it helps you with your shot. Having control over your shot helps you time it better and place the ball were you want it to go. Having good awareness in tennis is one of the most important things that you can have that’ll help you be successful.
Having good awareness will help you with your anticipation, you will know where the ball will land and then get into good position to hit the ball. Also you will be aware of where your opponent is so you will know where the gaps are. Most importantly and the game progresses if you have good awareness you will see were the opposing players weaknesses are and exploit them.

Describe how successful skill execution requires control over an object:
To have good skill execution you definitely need good control over the object because having good control in contrary to skill execution, if you have poor control you have poor execution. This is because if you do not have control over the tennis ball that you are about to hit how would you expect it to go where you wanting hit all the time. Another example of needing good control in tennis to have successful skill execution is the control over the actual tennis racket. No control over the tennis racket will lead to you not having a good, firm grip on the racket making it flop everywhere and when you swing through the racket won’t be in the best position it needs to be to hit the shot. Finally having good control over an object makes good skill execution by you having good control over the ball and racket you will be able to try new and harder shots that require more skill like the drop shot or the lob.

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