Movie Analysis

Movie Analysis

MGMT 2110 Organizational Behavior
Final Report of Movie Analysis: Monsters, Inc.
Submission Date: 13 NOV 2014

L13 Group 8 Members
Student Number:
Chan Ham Ying
Chang Siu Fong
Lai Kan Mang
Mak Wing Man
Sin Ching Yin


1. Introduction
2. Personality and value - perception and decision making
2.1Mike Wazoski
2.2James P. Sullivan
2.3 Randall Boggs
2.4 Henry J. Waternoose III
2.5 Roz
3. Conflicts
3.1. Conflicts found in the movie
3.1.1. Conflict on getting the human girl, Boo
3.1.2 Task conflict between Randall and James
3.2 Conflicts related to communication
3.2.1 Conflict between Randall and Fungus
3.2.2 Conflict between Mike and Sullivan after returning from
4. Solutions
5. Improvement on communication skills and negotiation
5.1 Communication skills
5.2 Negotiation
6. Implication on Managers
7. Conclusion
8. Reference

1. Introduction
In recent decade, organizational behavior and corporate life have become the main theme of some movies. The Monsters, Inc. is one of the successful films that provide insight into these two aspects.
The Monster, Inc. is a 2001 American animated comedy film released by Walt Disney Pictures, which is about the factory life in a large power corporation called the Monster, Inc. The movie is designed to demonstrate the monster world as an imitation of the human world. Monstropolis is “a parallel universe with the human world” replete with familiar features like cities, governments and municipal utilities etc.
The film features organizational relationships among coworkers and between management and subordinates. There are several intra-group and inter-group conflicts aroused in the movie which are worthwhile to be analyzed. Besides, owing to the large size of Monsters, Inc., it demonstrates high complexity in terms of its structure and system. Thus, the movie serves as an...

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