Movie Assignment

Movie Assignment

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English 235
September 12, 2006
Movie Assignment

1) To start it off we see Tess working in her job and at some moments she displays good professional behavior and non-professional behavior. One thing she did was run into the men’s bathroom to tell her boss about a client who needs service on the phone. This is one example of unprofessional behavior. She could have easily just told the client can he/she wait one moment the boss will be with you in a second and wait until he was done with the bathroom. Another unprofessional behavior was that she was angry at what some guy in the car did and she went to work sat down and typed the words “My Boss is a pimp with a tiny little d***” How appalling that was as the boss was humiliated in front of many employees. She was then fired and went off to find another job with a new boss named Katherine. This goes to show that being revengeful about someone is not the right way to go but to at least confront the issue with appropriate manners and behavior.

2) It teaches a valuable lesson that you shouldn’t be used and tell others about your ideas, Like when Tess told Katherine about a radio podcast show to raise sales. Instead take charge of them when the moment arrives such as when Tess’s boss Katherine was injured and she took over her position as boss for the moment. She used the opportunity to deceive Katherine well enough to get ahead in her life but at a crucial risk, she had to be careful not to leave any evidence around which she mistakenly does when she helps Katherine back from the hospital. That made Katherine angry and she vowed to stop it on her own by heading to the place where the deal will be made.

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