Movie Essay

Movie Essay

Haley Madsen
Block 5

Reconciliation is the sharing of one’s weakness or wonderdness thru a process called confession.

The gift that king istine gave to ivan was telling his story and returning to his old joy and new woman falling in love with him.

A sine are thoughts actions and deeds that alienate us from ourselves others and from god.

Penance is confessing your sins to a priest and than making the thing the priest said like saing the our father the hail mary glory be or others.


The sacramnets of the eucharist is jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Eucharist means theanksgiving and is a good meaning because we should all be thankful that jesus sacrificed himslef for us!

It was a significant as a setting because it’s the bread and wine becoming the blood and body of christ.

The christians who gather are to rememeber to follow and acting jesus’ footsteps.

The eucharist is a celebration of the past, present, and the future because of jesus helping us and sacrificing himslef for us.


Mass-returned to us as the eucharist woed mass comes from latin word missa.

Communion-consuming the body and blood of christ.

Catholics believe in blessed sacramnet.

Liturgy of the word is to proclaim of the word of god in the scriptures.

Two main parts are gethering rite-beginning of mass, dismissal rite-end of mass.

Essential actions word-proclamation of the word of god in scriptures.

Thanksgiving offering thanks to god for all the blessing creation and acts of god.

Communion we receive jesus.

Liturgy of the word.

Litergy of the eucharist presentation of the gifts,eucharists,prayer,communial rite.


At the last supper, jesus celebrated a jewish community meal.

People prays various songs and chants.

For jews jesus present in the written word.

A ritual meal sacrifice- the churchs history the eucharist.

Felloeship as a celebrated.

The second vatican council of the 1960s called for vast...

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