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 Lesson Plan#1
TOPIC: Movie: An Inconvenient Truth (part 1)
Multi skill activity (1 hour 30 min)
(Listening, speaking, reading, writing)
Level: Intermediate

To predict and discuss various issues related to global warming.
To asses and relate facts to events.
Develop new vocabulary related to the topic

MATERIALS: Movie/ The Inconvenient Truth, worksheet with listening/reading comprehension questions

Warm up: Teacher begins a discussion: what is happening in the world today?
The temperatures around the world and climate change.
Students should be given a chance to discuss the issues related and what they have witnessed.

(10 min)

Introduction: Teacher starts by exploring the title of the movie, eliciting students expectations on what the movie might be about? Teacher shows students movie cover picture and asks students what it represents.
What does inconvenient mean? How might a truth be inconvenient?
What do you think the movie is about?
Link the discussion from the warm up to the movie.
What is global warming and what might people do to help reduce its effect.

(15 min)

First activity is a vocabulary worksheet/ to familiarize students with vocabulary to be used in the movie. Students work in pairs to match words and make phrases/ discuss their meanings.
Yes/No worksheet about global warming and greenhouse gasses, students answer based on their own knowledge.

Movie is divided into 2 parts/ 45 min each
Students watch movie part 1

After watching movie
Giving opinions: what was the most interesting thing you learned from watching the first part of the movie? Did anything surprise you?

Students work in pairs to correct answers to worksheet #1 and discuss their answers.
Read part of the film script and answer the comprehension questions.( for homework)...

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