´╗┐The Movie of Our Life

In the movie of our life,
starring you and me.
Hollywood is in for a treat,
wait until they see.

The stage is all ours,
so let's put on a good show.
We act these roles so well,
but they will never know.

Shakespeare seems out of date,
Romeo and Juliet got old.
Baby they have nothing on us,
so let our story be told.

We write romance scenes,
like forever had no end.
It all comes so natural,
with an amazing girlfriend.

We've only gotten started,
the end is far from now.
Nothing can break us up,
not even a broken vow.

People watch the notebook,
is that all Hollywood's got?
Girl, you and me alone,
make those scenes look hot.

They'll write a story one day,
and a movie to go with it.
Just get us to act it out,
It would be the greatest hit.

We may never be Hollywood's hottest,
Brad and Angelina will be in the past.
It will last as long as their careers,
but baby you and I will forever last.

A Pray Before Sleeping

Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray for a woman who'll love me deep

With sparkling eyes and silky hair
who knows my faults and doesn't care

who will watch my movies and put on a smile
who will take my word with out a trial

the kind of girl who's wild but sweet
who's heart and mind can never be beat

who knows what she wants and how to ask
no games, no lies, or truth covering masks

who loves to have fun and isn't a tease
and a single red rose puts her mind at ease

who can look into my eyes and know that it's true
when I hold her tight and say I love you

who can touch my face and know how I feel
who doesn't take bull and gives it to me real

Who can stand up tall on her own two feet
but can still dance with me in the middle of the street

Who will cry on my shoulder when she is pain
But I can wash it all away with a kiss in the rain

who lets me watch sports and loves to watch too
who just wants me not expecting I...

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