Movies: Changing Our Culture

Movies: Changing Our Culture

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Company Problem Analysis and Solutions


The company AT&T is a company that provides telecommunication services globally to customers with all types of needs. The major push for 2006 and 2007 in the marketing department is the new technology called FTTP or fiber to the prim. This new service will provide customers with high speed data over five Megs download, voice communications, and video with video on demand. AT&T has to watch their budget for this project so deploying this project in high demand areas is key to make sure the company will see a fast return on their investment.

The Project

AT&T’s planers have decided to launch the FTTP project in a developing area witch should not have any problems because the plant will be all a new built plant. The problem occurs when the FTTP project focuses on the older homes and areas. Before the FTTP project came about there was a project called project pronto. This project was the operation that pushed out the DSL circuits to customers wishing to have the DSL service. With the project pronto, the plainer found out how bad the plant was. The demands of new technology being created and the stress the new equipment puts on the wires, were not able to support the technology because the wire were in bad condition. As technicians race to repair telephone lines for DSL orders, the new FTTP project came and set new demands on the specs on the telephone lines.

The Problem

The major problem the company is having is the plant in the older development areas is failing. The company does not have enough employees to handle the work load. And due dates are being missed because of the lack on man power being used. Before DSL came to the market the telephone plant started to become problematic with intermittent faults. Part of the reason was the lack of employees to handle the repairs. Instead on replacing the bad section of cable the tech was ordered to recover only one pair that will get the customer back...

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