Chemistry Semester Introduction
In this course you will
learn about chemistry,
which is the study of
matter and how it

Welcome to

Online Activities: Standard Lessons
All of the lessons are presented
online, and all are designed to
last about 60 minutes.
Some lessons also have offline
Standard lessons are designed
to deepen your understanding of
scientific concepts. Each lesson
begins with an overview of the
lesson, the Lesson Goals, and a
Mastery Map that leads you
visually through the major
concepts of the lesson. You will
revisit the Mastery Map at the
end of each lesson.

Online Activities: Standard Lesson Screens
Standard lesson
screens may feature
one or more special
Animations and
interactive pieces help
teach important
scientific processes and
concepts. Hyperlinked
keywords give you
immediate access to
definitions and
pronunciations. Links to
websites let you explore
beyond the limits of the

Online Activities: Lab Lessons
Lab lessons give you
hands-on experience
conducting scientific
experiments and
investigations. Lab
lessons usually follow a
set of standard lessons,
and they give you an
opportunity to see how
the ideas you’ve been
studying apply to reallife situations.

Online Activities: Lesson Resources
Notice the resources
button in the top left
corner of the lesson
screens. This button
may be labeled Lesson
Resources or Activity
Resources. The
resources pop-up gives
you quick access to
objectives, keywords,
links and a list of
materials you will need
to complete the lesson.

Offline Activities
Offline activities include
lab experiments and

Offline Activities: Student Guide
The Student Guide is a
printable document that you
can access from a link
within each lesson. The
Student Guide includes
lesson components such as
keywords, materials, and
advance preparation
instructions, as well as...

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