Case Study 1:Disney Learns to “Act Local” on the Global Stage (pp.125)

due March 19 (4 page write up, double-space, 1 inch margin all around, 12 point font)

Read the case very carefully. I advise you to pay much attention to the lessons that Disney has learned during its global expansion process.

1. Discuss how Disney’s management orientation has changed in their global expansion efforts.
a. review the types of management orientation in your text or notes.
b. Identify the management orientations change experienced by Disney and discuss what has prompted this change.
c. Make your comments if the change helps Disney’s global marketing efforts.

a. Identify at least three (3) cultural factors that have caused problems for Disney overseas operation.
b. Discuss how these cultural factors affect Disney’s international marketing activities. (i.e. the challenge, how the lesson was learned, and the solution)

3. Find and read two articles that are published after Jan. 1, 2011 on Disney’s global operation.
a. List the citations of the two articles in APA style.
b. Identify and discuss two (2) concepts or theories that may be related to the challenges or problems that the articles presented.

Mr. Sanchez
Need Recognition
Grandparents believes every child should have a bike so they send money towards the purchase of it
Nadia and her friends do not ride their bikes often (no need)
Does not know much about bikes and had no preferences for a brand or type
Wants a blue bike; her favorite color
Grandparents believe every child should have a bike so they send money towards the purchase of it
Cannot be a low-priced bike
A sturdy bike because Miguel is active and somewhat careless
Wants a red, 21-speed, lightweight mountain bike with full suspension aluminum frame and cross-country tires
Parents feel he will not maintain such an expensive bike

Information Search
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