Mr Callen K. Peel

Mr Callen K. Peel

Contrasting business purposes and types of ownership

Task1 (P1)
Range of purposes of local businesses
This article looks at four businesses that are based locally, some of which are only found in this area, while others have a branch locally but operate over a much wider area.
This is a Sole Trader Business.
The first business is VFM Computers that operates in the profit making sector, it’s a small private sector business and is owned by a Anthony Bullock and has a small local store in Rhyl. They sell computer a wide variety of computing equipment from wires, cable and connectors to motherboards, CPU chips and RAM. They also offer services such as installations of OS’s and/or building, constructing your PC.

The Second Business is PC World, it’s a Large public sector organisation and this belongs to two companies, Vision Technology Group Ltd and Dixons Group plc, now Dixons Retail plc. They have 5,528 employees in 2005 its headquarters are based in Hemel Hempstead, United Kingdom, They sell IT products and were recently merged into Currys. They operate within Europe and they make enough money to pay all the workers and still have money left over for the owners. Their business purpose is to sell IT devices in hope to make profit and to satisfy customer’s needs and wants.

The third business is the local Police Station in Rhyl. The station is a Public Sector Organisation funded directly by its surrounding Government and Council authorities. The Police’s purpose is to protect and serve the people of Rhyl and to keep the peace between residents and to make Rhyl a better place. With around 1450 Police Officers and 250 Police Community Support Officers along with over 800 staff, we are working hard on our priorities. Our annual policing priorities reflect those matters considered most important for police attention. They have been determined by listening to public bodies, the communities that we serve and our staff. They are also in line with the...

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